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Tomorrow's Tooling Technology Today!

AdvantEdge Cutting Tools gives you the competitive edge by reducing cycle times and tooling costs, while increasing tool life. By using AdvantEdge tools, you can expect to save 30% - 50% in total cost. Guaranteed!

Metric and Standard sizes, available in 3x, 5x,8x, 12x, 20x and 30x lengths
Nano-Coated High Perfomance Style and Special Designs

Flat End or Ball Nose, 2, 4 and 6 Flute, Conventional or Variable Index / Helix Designs, Available in Standard or Extra Lengths
Solid Carbide Nano-Coated in grades for milling conventional materials up to 68Rc hardened materials

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Milling inserts for Slabbing, Facing, 3D Profiling, Slotting, Chamfering & High Speed Cutting
Standard and Special Design Cutters and Holders

Inserts for Facing, Boring, OD/ID turning, Parting, Grooving & Threading
Standard and Special Design Holders